Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year!!

Back from the dead!

No one know my actual name.. it's hilarious

Well no, I haven't actually been dead. BUT THIS BLOG HAS! Reasons reasons reasons blah blah... excuses are like buttholes...

I'm committing to posting a minimum of at least once a month this year. I've been fairly active on Facebook and just fired up an Instagram account to keep up the content. 2019 was actually a really great year for my hobby but sadly neglected the blog. I attended Historicon and went to BOYL again which was great, Monolithcon was a smash hit again, it was great to have the world famous Cheetor make the trip across the ocean to eat Twinkies and buy toy cars from Wal-Mart.

The Ash Waste race at BOYL saw some absolutely MAD creations from all involved

Played a very fun game of Strontium Dog at BOYL

Cheetor's Ratskins snag a rare Dunger at MONOLITHCON inaugural Dunger Rodeo

My Dark Elves square off against a greenskin horde at Historicon

On the gaming front I'm looking forward to NOVAOSGROT in a few weeks, followed by Cold Wars, then Historicon and BOYL again and cap off the year at Monolithcon. Hobby-wise I have a few big things on the table for this year.

1) An Oldhammer-style warband for Warcry

2) A Space Slann force

3) about 1200 or so points of Undead to add to my Undead Army I blogged about in April

Some of the Slann I have completed

My Undead project will be documented over at The Old World Army Challenge

My hobby theme this year is GET SHIT DONE! I built up quite a ridiculous backlog last year and getting stuff painted is a top priority. Also getting painted things up on this blog and on Instagram and Facebook. Not much to update on today but I felt like I needed to get something up on day 1 if I'm going to do things right!

Thanks for looking! More to come this year!!


  1. I enjoy your updates, so blog reanimation protocol is acceptable 'Darrin Stephens'... :)

  2. Looking forward to seeing what the year has in store for you Bulldog!!

  3. Good luck for 2020--looking forward to following along.

  4. I'm putting money on the next blog post being "Hindsight is 2020" 😜

    Monolithcon was great. I want to do it again, now.


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