Saturday, September 2, 2017

Space Bastards!

We Need A Few Not-so-Good Men

So a couple things... first Photobucket sucks big hairy balls. 

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I present SPAAAACE BASTARDS!!

This summer I had the chance to go over to jolly England to attend BOYL and meet up with many of my favorite forum and blogosphere personalities. One of those guys was the one and only Erasmus Papafakis (real name). He and a couple other Oldhammer-ites came up with the idea of running a Space Bastard game. Basically, come up with a bunch of murderous, psychotic bastards, slap some power armor on them and send them on their way raping and pillaging everything in sight.
Initially I was just going to paint up some metal Rogue Trader marines in varied camouflage patterns, iconography, slogans etc..... but that's boring. I decided I would really embrace the idea and get to work putting together some lunatics. I used RTB01 plastics as the base for each model, but really went into a deep dive into my bits box.