Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Battle Report!

The First Annual Northern Virginia and Other States Regional Grand Oldhammer Tournament!


This weekend Con-fusion hosted a grand Oldhammer summit at his grand winter keep. In attendance was Fredrick Kober, Ardyer, Oathead, and myself. Real names have been changed to protect the guilty!

Fredrick and myself landed our personal shuttle at Con-fusion's winter keep on Saturday afternoon, and after ogling his collection of Oldhammer goodies, we got started playing some Rogue Trader! Con-fusion's marines teamed up with my Crimson Fists to defend a bombed-out ruined chapel and an irradiated water supply from the nefarious marauding Ork warband of Fredrick Kober!!

Con-fusions Marines take position along a ruined wall

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Inquisitor Serpico and the Corregidan Expedition

My favorite thing about Rogue Trader (aside from the miniatures) is the RPG feel of the game. Having been a D&D player when I discovered Rogue Trader, it was pretty easy to cross over. Now that I'm amassing and painting the collection that I wanted back when I was knee-high to an Ambull, I have the chance to build a background story for my collection. I also always enjoyed reading army features in White Dwarf because in addition to pictures of awesome armies, the collector would usually give a little background story. So..... on to the pictures!

The first thing I need for my Rogue Trader gaming is a setting. Where is all this good action going to take place? The Corregidan Sector - on the edge of explored space, and just a name on Imperial charts. The Corregidan Sector is home to remote human settlements, marauding bands of aliens and pirates, hundreds of unexplored planets, and plenty of reasons to blast other sentient beings with virus grenades. This is where Inquisitor Serpico comes in.