Saturday, January 21, 2017

January Photo Dump!!

I lick brushes

So with real life and real work demands its always hard to get in that hobby time, but I always try and sit down for an hour a day and drag some brushes on some old lead. Even with a busy work schedule i've managed to knock out a nice chunk of figures so far this year. So... here's my shiny bits!

First up is a pair of fuzzy blue aliens named "Krologgs" from Lead Adventure Miniatures excellent Astropolis Kickstarter. These were an absolute joy to paint. The base color was GW's old shadow grey, blended up to white on the belly and face. I gave the skin a light glaze of Secret Weapon Storm Cloud and drybrushed on some light highlights. It was a quick and easy paintjob that produced great results!

I'm pretty pleased with the way the cool tones contrast with my desert basing scheme and it's nice to add some alien civilians to my tabletops.


Next up is an Andromedan Ambassador from Reaper Miniatures. It was fun to paint, but I ended up ruining it by being stupid and spray varnishing in bad weather. I managed to conceal most of the frost with copious amounts of gloss varnish, but you can still see the frosting. Nonetheless he will make a great objective for kidnapping/assassination/rescue scenarios. I went with purple robes to look more regal. I don't know about you guys, but I wear purple robes whenever I go somewhere and I need to dress to impress.

Continuing on the alien theme an Eldar Harlequin! Yay! I'm close to having the complete original range of Harlequins and decided this would be the year I paint them all. I've set a goal to work on one at a time and have them all done by the end of the year. I'm trying to stick close to the original schemes as possible, but I am a big fan of the black bodysuit and white face mask so I may stick with that. I has fun with the colored metallics on this guy, something I carried over from my Dark Elves.

Maybe if I can stay focused I can actually complete painting an entire range. Maybe.

Next up is an actual human! Another one of the Space Pirates of Rogue Trader fame. His name is Rupert. Rupert is a disgruntled former Imperial Army officer who decided to try his luck at piracy on the space lanes of the 41st millenium. Although he is a relative newcomer to the piracy industry, his formal military training and above-average intelligence (he was an officer after all) make him an asset to the cunning and dastardly Two-Gun Jones. Watch your back! Rupert is coming for your goodies!

Last but not least we have a pair of Copplestone zombies!!! Thanks to AirborneGrove for these bad boys! I have a whole set of these lined up on the painting table. Why? Because ZOMBIES that's why. Painting these two gave me a great excuse to meddle with some of Citadel's technical line of paints like Nurgles Rot and Blood For The Blood God. There is a really great Judge Dredd Zombie scenario I would love to run using these guys. I used the orange because I envisioned these guys as prisoners or industrial workers turned undead meance! Super fun for the whole family.

Well boys and girls, that's about it for this photodump. Look forward to more next week. I have another exciting NOVASGROT to attend and I will be osting pics and battle reports. I'm coming up with a few scenarios to run. Much fun will be had. 


  1. You have an airbrush, why are you spray varnishing?

  2. Thanks for the photo dump, I strangely don't feel so bad about not painting anything this year. Maybe Andromedans like glitter and he's been taking his R & R at the Pink Pussycat? Wish I could make it Nova etc, track the track season grind has begun though,so I'll be at practice or the meets for the next 5-6 months.

  3. Everything in this post has made me go "Oooh! I like that!"

    I'd not seen the Copplestone Zeds before - they're fun. Excellent selection :)

  4. Oooooh! All of them are great!

  5. They selection is lovely for all sorts of reasons, but the Harlequin steals the show.


  6. Love the colours on those first two aliens.