Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Battle Report!

The First Annual Northern Virginia and Other States Regional Grand Oldhammer Tournament!


This weekend Con-fusion hosted a grand Oldhammer summit at his grand winter keep. In attendance was Fredrick Kober, Ardyer, Oathead, and myself. Real names have been changed to protect the guilty!

Fredrick and myself landed our personal shuttle at Con-fusion's winter keep on Saturday afternoon, and after ogling his collection of Oldhammer goodies, we got started playing some Rogue Trader! Con-fusion's marines teamed up with my Crimson Fists to defend a bombed-out ruined chapel and an irradiated water supply from the nefarious marauding Ork warband of Fredrick Kober!!

Con-fusions Marines take position along a ruined wall

A squad of Crimson Fists take up position in a wrecked farm house (go figure)

The Red Skull.... ready to wreck Orks!!

The Marines took up position in the ruined chapel and surrounding buildings and waited for the Orks to wander into bolter range. Con-fusion's tactical squad took position inside the chapel walls with two dreadnoughts in position between the bases of the corner towers. The crimson fists placed a tactical squad in a corner tower, one squad in a ruined farm house, a crusader maniple and dreadnought on the opposite side from the other two dreadnoughts.

The Orks were allowed to appear from any board edge on the first turn. Fredrick attacked the marines from two sides, trapping the marines between two walls of erratic Ork Bolta fire. Despite the  barrage of gunfire, the marines weathered the first turn well because they took advantage of hard cover bonuses.

An Ork Dreadnought blasts the Marines with lascannon fire

A tragic victim of accurate Ork lascannon fire

Despite their best efforts, the Orks suffered heavy casualties thanks to accurate fire from the Marines and paper-thin flak armor. It wasn't all down hill for the Orks, One of the dreadnoughts earned his stripes as a tank killer, taking down on Marine Dreadnought (Bad Leroy Brown) and critically damaging Red Skull. But, just as the Marines thought they had won the day.....

A Stompa appeared to ruin their day. 

Now, there are no Stompa rules in Rogue Trader, so I just used the rules for a Stega-Tank and equipped it with a Macro-Cannon. Boom. Easy fix. Rogue Trader is the greatest. Despite the destruction of the majority of the Ork force, the Stompa lumbered forward, dumping Macro Cannon shells onto Marine positions. The Crimson Fist Techmarine narrowly escaped death by Macro Cannon only to be vaporized the following turn by foolishly attempting to take cover on top of some ammo and fuel.

HA! HA! Sticks and stones will break my bones but I laugh at macro cannon shells


The Stompa continued stomping forward, pumping Macro shells into Marine positions, but alas.... the Marines proved too resolute for the shambling war machine. At the end of the day there were just too many lascannons and melta guns around for poor Mister Stompa....

Day Two: The Orks raid a Genestealer Cult outpost....


  1. Replies
    1. I will dazzle you with tales of gross incompetence during the innaugural game of the American Oldhammer Blood Bowl Conference!


  2. That looks like a hoot. I was surprised to see the Stompa taken down. I imagine that it was very entertaining in person.

    Which vehicle rules did you use, the ones from RT itself or one of the subsequent iterations? Or something else entirely?

    The terrain and miniatures are fantastic all round, great stuff.

    1. We used the Stega-Tank profile from the Rogue Trader rulebook and equipped it with a Macro Cannon. It was pretty funny. It worked surprisingly well.

  3. Totally cool! Looks like fun!!

  4. That's a really cool looking kitbashed Stompa!

    We improvised when I used my Helsreach Walker too, giving it a Macro cannon. It ended up being pretty ineffectual as it deviates too much.

    Both those marine chapters look "the goods", especially the robots, which you don't see many of, let alone painted!

    Looks like a great game was had, thanks for writing up the batrep for all of us to enjoy.