Monday, November 27, 2017

Orktober Diorama

Last stand!

Greetings interwebs peepulz! Sorry its been so long since an update. With work and real life its been a challenge to get back to regular blogging, not to mention the whole photobucket debacle. I haven't been silent on the hobby front, I've just focused on getting projects done and getting together with friends to actually roll dice. 

No more words... PICTURES!

As some of you know, Orktober is one of my favorite hobby months. Although it didn't really seem to get off the ground on The Oldhammer Forum, we did get alot of submission over on The Emporium of Rogue Dreams (I still have to get the judging done, I know. I promise I'll be good). IN ANY CASE... I really wanted to take my time with a project this year and figured a diorama would be the way to go.

This is my first real try at a diorama, the next closest thing I have done can only be described as a scenic base with naked females. I have been watching several military modelling YouTube channels and was inspired to pull out all the stops. I will cover the step by step in a follow up post as I still have to upload the WIP photos, so this post is really just a showcase with some words.

Dioramas should tell a story and I wanted the scene to capture a small section of an Ork horde overwhelming an Imperial Army force. I picked models from the same era to tie the story together. It was a little tricky given that the models are one piece and the poses are limited. I also just wanted to use models that were readily available and not go out and buy new one.

The models are unaltered except for the standard bearer. He is a heavy weapon trooper with a brass rod inserted into the left hand. I was very fortunate that the heavy weapon trooper pose works well for carrying a standard. The standard is scratch built except for plastic marine parts.

I really tried to take my time with each figure and paint them to a display standard, and I'm really happy with the way they turned out.

I learned a lot doing this project and look forward to taking on a more complex project in the future. Stay tuned for more!


  1. Readily available or no, the old Bad Moonz boss is one of my favorite ork models. I have that same boss in my army with a grot sweating under the load of a rather large bolter. Those two tell a story. I love what you've done with him. Of course the fact you painted him almost the same colors as me, right down the blue helmet under his foot . . . I feel almost certain that if you turn him to the side the helmet stripe is the same white . . . Nah, that's got nothing to do with it. ;-)

    (Yours looks better, mind, but I did paint mine thirty years ago. With railroad enamels.)

    . . . Okay. The left shoulders are different. And I think the pants are different colors. And the skin tones are not the same. But man, they're close. Almost like we were looking at the same stuff or something.

  2. I got a fresh sock out just for this Diorama.

  3. Wow! The litany of excuses is long and pathetic. I thought they'd never end :( You should have posted this in October too bro, this is November for Christ's sake! Get with the programming!

  4. "...the next closest thing I have done can only be described as a scenic base with naked females."

    Lemme get this straight, you had a load of naked females with you and you decided asked them to help you make a scenic base? Were you naked too? How did they get there? Do you always paint with such fleshy distractions about?

  5. Somehow that diorama base looks like food....I want to eat your diorama....does it give me special powers if i do?

  6. That's a cool composition, they all look so great. Looking forward to that WIP post :)

  7. That really reminds me of an old golden demon entry from the late 90s. Hmmm. Now I might have to go flip through old white dwarfs.

  8. It's a bitchin diorama. I'm off to read the how to.

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