Sunday, October 9, 2016

New Cult Followers!

The infestation grows...

The big news from Games Workshop and a dream come true for us old veterans of the tabletop space wars was the release of the brand new Genestealer Cult line and rules. Yaaay!! Woo! Welllll... I haven't bought any of the new stuff and I probably won't. I left the modern version of the game behind a while ago. While the new figures are everything I could have wanted and more, I guess i'm just too much of an old lead head. After all, my Genestealer Cult has been marauding around the Oldhammer World for a couple years now... and i'm not done yet! And so, without further delay, I bring you the latest additions to the cult!!


The original Genestealer Cult list was such an inspiration to me. I really loved the idea of this motley band of mutants and outcasts being drawn in by the vampire-like character of the Patriarch, and I was a little disappointed that the new release didn't include any mutants or beastmen. Of course the best part about the cult list was that these fledgling cults were so desperate for power that they turned to worshiping Chaos. I didn't really cover the demon-worshiping aspects of the cult the last time I wrote about my cult, so I might as well highlight the demons here.

I actually realized that I have never posted any pictures of my Keeper of Secrets and it has yet to hit a bettlefield... probably because demons in Rogue Trader are insanely powerful. Maybe once I get some Grey Knight painted up. What was great about the Cult list was that you could just choose to pay for any number of demons. The table for summoning is a little confusing so I just decided I would paint up a pair of Deamonettes to go along with the Keeper of Secrets. So far i've only psinted one, and I was really pleased with the way she turned out.

Boobie-demons are the best demons. I decided to paint the base a darker color than the rest of the army because it helps the pastel colors stand out and also gives them more of an other-worldly feel, as if the ground under their feet burns. I don't know if it worked, but thats my idea. I sort of did the same thing with the Keeper of Secrets, its as if it was ripped out of the warp with the really exotic slab of purple marble it was standing on. Anyways.... demons are rad.

BEASTMEN! Yeah buddy. Whats a Genestealer Cult without some fuckin' beastmen? GW really missed the bus by not including some beastmen in the new army. I mean... how cool is it to have these bands of feral savages alongside your demons and Brood Brothers? It's fucking awesome. BEASTMEN. Boom.

Now.... my habit of plundering Bolt Action kits for my own degenerate culty purposes continues unabated. Some of you will remember that I perverted a Bren Carrier into a re-purposed mining vehicle. I had alot of fun making that model, and so I got my greasy claws on an M8 scout car from the Bolt Action range and got to chopping.

So I was originally going to just stick with having swapped the regular cannon for the autocannon, but then I just HAD to figure out a way to add a conversion beamer to the turret. To me, the conversion beamer is just a quintessential Rogue Trader weapon. It's weird, it has clunky rules, and it didn't get carried forward into future editions until recently. I love the conversion beamer.

The tricky part was figuring out how to mount the beamer to the turret ring in a way that looks like it would actually be practical. I made a mount out of plasticard and stuck it to a pintle mount bit from an Imperial Guard vehicle kit. It actually took a long time to get right. I wanted to make it look like the Brood Brother in the turret could actually prop himself up in the turret and fire the thing.

Another part of capturing that realistic feel was adding dual triggers and some kind of  targeting screen on the back of the beamer. Overall, i'm pretty happy with the end result. I may end up picking up some of the new stuff to get some new bits and decals into the mix, but I don't think i'll be incorporating any of the new models into the force.

UNTIL NEXT TIME! Stay culty.


  1. Awesome! Love it all. I agree about the beastmen. I ended up rebasing mine for my fantasy army. Daemons are great for fighting other daemons and one day I hope to pit my Nurgle cult against your Slaaneshi one.

  2. Love those old beastmen models. I've got to start painting mine up

  3. Boobie demon for the win! Nice post.

  4. Freaking awesome, I hadn't noted the scanner at theback of the beamer but now it's even greater than it already was !
    My pants are on fire and that's all your fault now.

  5. Great use of the Bolt Action stuff, consider that idea nicked! Where did the conversion beamer come from?

    1. Its one of the old plastic ones from one of the Space Hulk expansions. I think they came with the plastic hybrids

  6. Awesome sauce Bulldoggy! It would have been nice to see these at Oldhammer weekend....Zing!

  7. Looking Good Chris...That scout car is righteous!

  8. Kudos for adding the reticule to the back of the Beamer...details are what make minis & vehicles IMHO.

    Those Beastmen are way cool too! Have you got many more to add to the cult?

    I'm in complete agreeance with you about not bothering with GW's new offerings too. I've got far too much old lead & unfinished projects to get through before I'd even begin to contemplate buying more from them. Serves them right! They made far too much awesome stuff back in the day. How the hell are you supposed to get through it in one lifetime? :)

  9. I went crazy and bought all the new cult releases, because a big tool needs a big toolbox. The magnificent array of goggled heads alone makes them indispensable for anyone who likes convertatin'. Lope, I like your hairy man-beasts and your demons, but I especially like your vehicle. The chopped up Auspex viewscreen is an idea I plan to loot extravagantly :D