Sunday, October 18, 2015

Genestealer Cult!

Army Spotlight

The Cult of The Flawless Host

It began during a minor skirmish on an obscure planet. Human soldiers were sent to quell a minor uprising at a mining station. The mission went quickly and without even a single shot fired. The miners gave up their makeshift rebellion as soon as the soldiers made planetfall. The soldiers quickly got the mining station up and running again. The detachment of soldiers was looking forward to redeploying when the disappearances began...

At first a miner here and there would go missing, and then whole search parties would go missing. Off-planet communications mysteriously went off line before the detachment of soldiers realized the true nature of the horror that was lurking in the depths of the mines. They should have just left. They could have loaded up in the drop ship, but they decided to stay. By the time the survivors decided to cut their losses it was already too late. Someone, or something, had sabotaged the drop ship. There was no way out.

Distress calls never made it out. Before long, distracted by a distant war, no one even remembered anything had ever happened. The survivors were trapped and in their desperation they turned to the worship of dark gods, but it wasn't enough. The things that lived deep in the mines eventually killed any who opposed them... those who weren't killed suffered a far more grotesque fate.

And so the Cult of The Flawless Host was born... a Slaanesh-worshiping Genestealer Cult ready to take on the galaxy.

I've wanted to collect and paint a Genestealer Cult since the first time I saw the army list in Warahmmer 40,000 Compilation. Oddly enough when I started collecting older miniatures seriously again I had no intention of starting a cult, but two lucky ebay finds changed that. I got my hands on a blisters for the Patriarch, Hybrids, and Magus and a good chunk of Imperial Army models. That was all I needed to get started. I started by painting the the brood brothers. I really wanted to pay homage to the army that I had seen in Compilation, so I stuck with the tan and purple theme.

I decided to paint the Genestealers in the classic blue and purple scheme, it was always one of my favorite. I may decide to paint up more stealers in another scheme... but that is on the horizon.

I've never posted all of my cult pictures in one place, so I figured they deserve their own blog post. I have the brood brothers organized into squads of six (Slaanesh!) Each squad has a special or heavy weapon or a mutant. The Brood Brothers are a mix of Army and Pirate/Mercenary miniatures to really evoke the idea that they came from a mix of human soldiers and miners.

A squad of Brood Brothers with autoguns and a flamer

The Coven Standard

I've played and GM'd a few Rogue Trader games with the cult and even though the Brood Brothers are pretty crappy troops, the army as a whole is pretty formidable when it comes to the psychic phase. I will probably end up dialing back the psychic powers... some unfortunate players have suffered the wrath of endless wind blasts from the hybrid squad.

A wonderful big head rogue psyker

The Hybrids are especially fun to paint and play

A Brood Brother with pointed head and bulging eyes mutation

The Magus and hybrids ready to smash the empire

I have a few additions coming up in the nest few months including a new limo, a modified mining vehicle used as a machine gun carrier, a few more hybrids, and another squad of brood brothers. I still have my eye out for some mutants, deamonettes, and beastmen. 

Some of you probably remember the cult in action earlier in the year against a band of marauding orks in an older post. Keep your eyes peeled for more culty developments....


  1. You cant take away the wind blasts!!!!

  2. Wind Blasts seem more in line with Nurgle. :)

  3. I can't tell if I want to fight against this beautiful cult with my Nurgle cult or join it and crush the Imperium. I just know that I want to see both cults on the same table.

  4. This army is the one that really decided I had to have one myself, it's just so nicely balanced between the reference to the old days and a modern take. Great theme, great painting, just can't find anything else to say than EXCELLENT !

    1. Keep your eyes peeled, I have some additions coming soon... other than the ones we got from the you-know-what from you-know-who. I don't want to be airlocked!!

  5. I never thought of aligning Genestealers with Chaos. Fantastic looking bunch. I can see opponents getting very tired of all those wind blasts. I'm seriously considering getting those Macrocosm "not Genstealer Hybrids".

    1. Mork-worshipping feral Ork hybrids with swords... that has your name all over it.

  6. I particularly like the painting on the Rogue Psykers big ol' head, its great.
    The entire army looks brilliant though, nice work.

    1. Yeah, that dome is a thing of beauty isn't it!

  7. Your skin tones are really cool Bulldog! From the brood brother's to the Genestealer's to the mutant Ork....all great!

    Nice to see all these deranged guys together in one shot.

    Well done :)

  8. Beautiful work and this is is a very inspiring cult :)