Friday, November 27, 2015

Random Rogue Trader Goodies!

Look out! We got us a photo dump.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmakwanzanukkah to all!I've been working a lot lately, but I have managed to get some paint onto a few miniatures here and there. Hobby-wise i've just been busy painting and haven't done much in the way of gaming. Of course with Oldhammer its never easy to get a game in, but Airbornegrove over at Give 'Em Lead has been blowing up my chat and email with his ideas for virtual gaming. I'm actually really excited for the idea and it will let me get more gaming done between US Oldhammer events and meet-ups.

Also. I got a new computer. It's apple. I hate apple.

Anyways.... let the randomness begin.

ITS A BIONIC BOY!!!!! Zoomin' your way from the 41st millennium! The model 40,000 Cybork comes standard with six speed mono-wheel, razor sharp chainsword teeth, genuine ork organics, and a standard bolt pistol. Extra ammo and red paint job available at a low, low holiday price. 0% APR until the next imperial crusade. Come in to your local Mek Boys dealership and find out what you've been missing.

And for the more discerning buyer, a coven limousine! Standard anti-grav drive and forward mounted multi-lasers to make you the king of your commute. Easily brush aside ordinary commuters with an armored chassis. Tinted windows come standard for highly qualified buyers. Guaranteed to make you the idol of worship in your neighborhood.

Speaking of discerning buyers... here is The Galactic Bastard with a rather large giant alien henchman I call The Galactic Collector. One guy is a bastard. One guy collects stuff.. and by stuff I mean living things. The Bastard is a private commission piece done for members of The Emporium of Rogue Dreams facebook group. If you haven't heard about it, you should join us. We're delightful. The Collector was converted from an Inquisitor scale Quovandius model. Loosely based on cover art for Battlefield Earth by Frank Frazetta.

Got these bad boys from Foundry. The jump packs are from maxmini. They will be making an appearance in some up-coming Rogue Trader games. I might get some more because I really dig the idea of graphic art on the helmets. Maybe i'll paint a campbell's soup can on one... or.... "ceci ne pas une miniature"

They were fun to paint and I hope to get five of them in a squad.

SQUATS! Gotta have squats. (I told you this would be random). These next two guys were fun. Since I have pretty much fleshed out my RT Crimson Fists, I wanted to paint a few "renegade" marines. Of course these are Rogue Trader renegades, not Chaos Renegades (Treacher Marines?) Loosely based on RT art and some of the paint scheme from the Badab War article in White Dwarf.

This next guy is supposed to be a Space Shark. (Notice I didn't call him a Charcharcharcarcharonmodon or whatever Forge World calls them) SPACE. SHARK. Forever.

OK one last thing and then you can go...

Brood Brother gun carrier based on a Bren Carrier made by Warlord for Bolt Action. This was pretty straightforward. I had to chop up the plastics a bit so they would fit. The Autocannon pintle is just brass rod. Weathering was done with oils and weathering powders.

The idea is that because my Genestealer Cult was based on a mining colony, they have re-purposed mining utility vehicles (that's why its yellow and dirty) The Bolt Action line of plastics is proving to be quite a bounty for RT vehicle conversions what with all the utility trucks and half-tracks and jeeps and stuff. This should be fun.

Anyways... that's pretty much it for now. Have a great holiday season... and as a wise man once said "Save the money and lose the fat, not lose the money and save the fat."



  1. Wow, a great mix of cool stuff, hadn't seen your giant hybrid yet and it looks fab. All great stuff really, you really master the RT look.

  2. Christ! That's one helluva photo dump there pal.

    Stands outs for me are the crazed mono Ork, the smiley faced warriors and the merc marines. All ultra cool :)

    I've had that gun carrier as an idea in the back of my head for a while now, after I saw it in RT last year. I was going to base it off of a Japanese model kit though. Is the Warlord stuff that good & price competitive? You did a great job on it, really cool weathering and the positioning of the coven riders is well done.

    That Giant alien henchmen, is that a conversion or a stand alone mini?

    Thanks for the excellent range of toys you posted up for all of us to enjoy :)

    1. The Warlord kit is pretty inexpensive. I don't remember exactly how much it cost but it was a low price. The kit is designed for tabletop play and won't be as detailed as an actual scale model, but it is a bit more sturdy.

      The giant alien is based on a 54mm inquisitor model. It is a minor conversion. I used a couple plastic bits to form the helmet and eye lenses.


  3. Woow! What a bunch of beauties!!

  4. Great stuff. The Galactic Collector jumps out at me, but I love them all. I'm all ears for how you guys are going to remote game.

    1. Man we tried to last night but it ended up being a comedy of errors with this damn webcam. I have three computers in this house and all three ended up being jacked up in some way. I ate the webcam.