Monday, November 30, 2015

WHFB Monster Mash!

Bigger is Better!

So this is a slight departure from the majority Rogue Trader flavor of this blog. I have a WHFB Dark Elf army i'm slowly slogging through, but I also have been collecting some big guys just for the sake of collecting. The old Jes Goodwin Ogres in particular are some of my all time favorite models. I managed to collect about seven or eight Ogres so far. I love these.

The keen-eyed among you will probably recognize this guy from the cover of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I tried to stay as faithful to the cover art without painting myself into a corner (pun intended). nyahaha!

Hopefully you will notice the skin tones I've applied to these two models. I took advantage of the size of these models to experiment with skin tones by adding red, green, and yellow tones into the flesh tones. I'm really pleased with the way they turned out, even if they do take more time to paint.

Yet another great miniature and also the only Fimir I own. This guy was great fun to paint and I had fun applying weathering to all the metal items. I guess living in a swamp doesn't translate to stainless weapons and armor. Building up his base was fun too, and hopefully I will have a few more for this guy to boss around.

Another one of my all time most sought after miniatures. An AD&D Minotaur by Citadel. I don't really know how happy I am with this paint scheme.. maybe because its just so different. I really wanted to tie this miniature to Greek mythology so I gave him a darker skin tone, I used Reaper's olive skin triad as a base but I added various red and purple glazes and more highlights to give him a richer skin tone. I originally wanted to paint him with white hide, but I switched to red on the fly. I painted the axe a bronze color to tie him to ancient Greece. The flagstones are made from broken up pieces of fimo clay. I hope you enjoy!

That's it for miniature updates for now. I am planning on completing a few more big guys and running an "Oldhammer Arena" participation game, sort of like Gladiator in the Old World but mostly with monsters. I'll post a report when I finally get some dice bounced around.


  1. Quality work dude. Those Jes Goodwin ogres are some of the best, and those skin tones are sublime.

  2. Nice. I've only experimented with adding green to my base flesh triad (Reaper Tanned Skin) for Half Orcs. I like how the other colors turned out. I got a few more Reaper skin triads that I'll be breaking out during the Analogue hobbies painting challenge. I like the base work that you did. Look forward to reading about the arena.