Sunday, February 8, 2015


The second day of our glorious Oldhammer Regional Tournament saw Fredrick Kober's Space Orks launch a raid against my nefarious demon-worshipping Genestealer Cult: The Cult Of The Flawless Host!

In a zealous bid to spread their Patriarch's seed to new species, the foolhardy human cultists nabbed an Ork prisoner and brought him back to a hideout in the wastelands for interrogation... and maybe whisper some genetic sweet nothings...

The Cultists muster to defend their outpost....

An overview of the Cult outpost

The Genestealer Cult consisted of three squads of six cultists each. One squad carried a flamer, one a heavy bolter, and one a mutant with bulging eyes. A Rogue Psyker accompanied one of the cultist squad. The Coven consisted of three Purestrain Genestealers, a Patriarch, a level 4 psyker Magus, and four hybrids armed with various weapons, notably a missile launcher with hallucinogen, toxin, frag, and krak missiles. The coven limo carried the purestrains and was equipped with a multi-laser.

The Orks brought a Dreadnought, 2 hop-splat guns, 4 mobs of dead 'ard boyz, a painboy, mekaniak, a weirdboy, and one Nob on a Warbike. The ork horde would enter the table from the "north" edge and attempt to sieze the cult's stockpile of supplies and recapture their ill-fated comrade.

The Hybrids take up a position to deliver supporting fire to their brethren

Cultists maneuver along the west wall and the Magus teleports on top of an old tower

The Orks approach the Cult outpost

The Orks approached the outpost from the north, using long abandoned and destroyed buildings to cover their movements... unusually tactical for Orks. The sharp eyes of the Hybrids picked out an approaching mob moving sloppily through a ruin and rewarded them with a hallucinogen missile for their trouble.

Qi! Wuzzat funny smell??? SQUIGS EVERYWHERE!! KILLITKILLIT!!!

Two Orks succumbed to the effects of the hallucinogenic gas. One of the boyz ripped all his clothes off and started rolling around on the ground, screaming about the squigs crawling all over his body. Fortunately his panic was short lived as the second ork boy was hallucinating that some treachery was afoot and vaporized the naked ork with a krak missile at point blank range. 

And so the game was off to a hilarious start...

The Orks continued their march forward but have very little to fire at as the cultists were taking advantage of cover to maneuver into positions. The weirdboy inadvertently unleashed a death wave psychic attack into the rear of an ork mob.

The Coven Limo swung around and unleashed a devastating volley of multi-laser fire into a mob of boyz, killing three of them. The Magus cast Temporal Distort, allowing the Cult to replay their shooting phase. The Cult unleashed  a volley of heavy bolter and multi-laser fire, killing one Ork and causing the mob to break and flee.

The Limo and a cultist carrying a heavy bolter pour fire into the oncoming orks.

The fleeing orks managed to rally and the rest of the horde continued to rush forward, some of them wandering in the way of the weirdboy's death wave. One ork was killed outright by the death wave and the bike suffered a ruptured fuel tank. The bike did manage to land a few autocannon hits on the limo and did six damage.

The Cult lays down some surprisingly effective fire, but the Ork numerical advantage is obvious

A squad of cultists had managed to maneuver long the west side of the wall into firing positions. They poured fire into a mob of Orks on the nearest hill, forcing them to flee off the table. The Magus recognized the numerical superiority of the Ork horde and attempted to cast change allegiance on an ork mob by teleporting directly behind them.

Unfortunately the orks passed their willpower test and resisted his vile whisperings... 

The orks blasted the Magus with bolter fire and burned his corpse in an act of barbaric superstition.

The ork dreadnought also managed to land a devastating hit on the cult limo, but failed to destroy it. The rest of the orks began dumping bolter fire into the cultists and although the cultists were immune to psychology, they were not immune to exploding bullets.

The brood brothers returned fire, but failed to do very much damage due to the high number of high casualties they had taken.

The ork dreadnought finally landed a critical hit to the limo, knocking it out and forcing the genestealers to bail out. The brood brothers on the west flank took a hit from the hot-splat gun but remained in position.

Things were looking pretty bad for the cult at this point. Orks were closing in, the Magus had been immolated, most o the brood brothers had been pulped by bolter fire. With the cult in a tactical retreat, the genestealers decided to "gift" the Nob on warbike with a bundle of joy from the four-armed purple stork of love.....

And so the game ended with a solid Ork victory. Only the purestrains, the hybrids, and a handful of brood brothers remained. The Orks recovered their prisoner... but what horrors lurk in his genes? Only time will tell....

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  1. So many RT orks on the table at the same time! Wow!!

    That was quite a gamble the magus took in the face of so many orks. After spending years learning his arcane knowledge he'd neglected to finish his studies in "common sense" :)

    That's a nice looking bit of terrain, that cult outpost. Is it home made?

    Enjoying your batreps :)