Monday, May 29, 2017


Dirty! How I became a completionist

We all know one of them... those guys that just HAS to collect the entire range of something because the flyer was in their first White Dwarf. Yeah, i'm talking about those completionists... and now... i'm one of them.

Honestly, I don't even know how it happened. Actually I do know. Ebay has an app. That's why this happened. Now I have them all.... and they're ALL PAINTED. AND I'M GOING TO PLAY WITH THEM.

I'm just going to post pictures. Words are dumb.


  1. All your words are belong to us.

  2. You wonderful, wonderful bastard

  3. Congratulations on acquiring them, but many more congratulations on painting them all up! They're a brilliant set :)

  4. They look......awesome. and now you are a completion-ist. Bastard! Now we will all have to complete a page or flyer.....As soon as I am done with this darn "recovery".

  5. Oi! You haven't finished the collection at all! Where's Old World Jacks' backpack sonny? :DDD

    Always a nice feeling knowing that you don't have to bother searching for another mini on Ebay again. Are you now going to hunt down a new set though?

    How's your Ork hunt going too? Did you manage to find all those guys?

    Your Merc's look the goods, onto the next set!

    1. The Ork hunt continues. I didn't realize how many variations there were. One day....

  6. Beauteous! Glorious! It's like a lead boner.


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