Sunday, February 22, 2015

Something Green and Stompy!!!

So, I've been trying to write one post a week and I pretty much failed at that. Oh well..... what can you do? Let's move on.

Lets talk about ORKS.

Orks orks orks. White Dwarf 134 is the reason I have a serious collecting problem. Before I saw that magazine I was just some innocent, nerdy dungeons and dragons kid. White Dwarf 134 is the reason I became a sex-crazed, mega-testosterone, BEAST of a man. A man's man! 1991 was the first year I tore an oak tree out of the earth and snapped it over my knee using only brute force and pure rage.

How? What gave me that power?


"How to Paint Your Warband" By John Blanche and Mike McVey. It's all their fault.


Alright, moving on. So I accidentally collected some Rogue Trader Orks, Here they are in all their still-need-to-have-their-bases-painted glory.


He's ugly. He thumps mugs, 'nuff said. Flak Armor, Konverter Field, Doc's Surprise! - Fuel Injection Implant, Boltgun, Power Axe, Frag and Melta Stikkbomz.


Part of Uglug's Retinue. Six Drillbosses in power armor, boltgun, bolt pistols, one plasma gun, power gloves, and Frag and Buzz-Bomb stikkbomz. Da Nob Kouncil are the heads of individual smaller Goff Clans who have sworn loyalty to Uglug because he's simply the baddest Ork around.


Ghengis Mek is insane, which is normal for Meks. 


The grots whisper rumors that Dokta Bonez was once obsessed with archaeology, but found his true calling in life after the first time he dissected a grot in order to retrieve an old teacup the tiny psycho had swallowed. He then attended medical school in the boiler room of an old freighter. He says it was the most rewarding five days of his life.


Boss Nuzrot is one of the only Nobs who chooses to go into battle with his ladz instead of suiting up with the Nob Kouncil. A grot once told Nuzrot how much he admired him for leading his men from the front and not from behind the safety of power armor. Nuzrot ripped its head off and ate it. Nuzrots ladz had a good laugh afterwards.

Nuzrot's Goff Boyz. Flak Armor, Boltgun, Bolt Pistol, Heavy Plasma Gun, Frag Stikkbombz, Nuzrot is a Drillboss with power klaw and plasma pistol.


Five boyz with two bolt pistols, flak armor, frag stikkbomz, and heavy bolter


Boss Badfuz was drawn to Uglug's service with the lure of the untold amounts of loot he could pocket following around a powerful Ork warband. Badfuz is a pompous psychopath, which is to be expected from a Bad Moon. As is to be expected, his boyz are dressed in ridiculous outfits and carry loads of heavy weapons.

Budfuz's Bad Moon Mob is equipped with flak armor, boltguns and bolt pistol, Frag Stikkbomz, autocannon and lascannon. I have not figured out what Badfuz himself is equipped with, but I assure you it will be as ridiculous as possible.

And now.... last but not least:


An extra shooty stompy dreadnought with a Kustom Force Field, two power klaws, lascannon, and a grenade launcher.

What's next?

I have to paint the big mob (12 dead 'ard goff boyz), the warboss's battle wagon, and a mob of nefarious Blood Axes. STAY TUNED!!!


  1. Thats a great looking force, very era defined. I think that Ghengis is my favourite, but the whole lot is great.

    I expect 100% shenanigans in the battle report that these guys feature in, which is surely being planned as I type.

  2. There are some sizeable shenanigans being planned for their future, but they have already seen a little action defending against an Imperial boarding party. Stay tuned!