Sunday, May 17, 2015

Scoundrels of the Corregidan Sector

A wretched hive of scum and villainy...

A while back I did a spotlight on the notorious Inquisitor Serpico and his crew. I promised to talk about the one and only Worldburner. Well... better late then never I like to say.

WORLDBURNER: Warrior, warlock, womanizer...

I'm Worldburner. I burn worlds.

Many an Imperial lawman have speculated about Worldburner's origins. Some say he was once a sanctioned psyker who became obsessed with firearms and martial arts. Others say he was a firearms enthusiast who manifested powerful psychic abilities and then trained in the martial arts. Others still posit that he was martial arts instructor who became a firearms expert after discovering his innate psychic abilities. In any case, Worldburner is a dangerous fighter, expert marksman, brilliant warlock, lover. The man, the myth, the legend.

Whatever his origins, Worldburner is known as the captain of a mercenary outfit in the Corregidan sector. His exploits are known across the sector: The Liberation Simarites, the daring raids along the Valdranii trade routes, the rescue of the Savitite princesses. Yes, Worldburner certainly commands some of the finest and most successful commando troops in the sector. 

It didn't take long for Alexis Yarvin to locate and convince Worldburner to seek a contract under the employ of Inquisitor Serpico. The promise of untold riches and the support of the Imperial Inquisition could guarantee Worldburner and his outfit the kind of glory and riches they could only dream of.

Worldburner normally carries a bolt pistol and digital flamer. He is also equipped with a state of the art power glove that he wears underneath his fatigues. Some believe that the power glove is of ancient alien origin. He normally goes into operation equipped with a Displacer Field, Flak Armor, Respirator, Communicator, Infra-vision Visor, Bio-Scanner, and Energy Scanner.  

In addition, Worldburner is a level 4 psyker with the following powers:

Level 1: Cure Injury, Hammerhand, Teleport
Level 2: Aura of Protection, Jinx, Rally
Level 3: Cause Confusion, Cause Fear, Rout
Level 4: Telekinesis, Cure Wound, Telepathy

Worldburner with a detachment of his mercenaries

Worldburner advancing with Imperial troops

Get by with a little help from your friends...


No self-respecting mercenary captain can go without a handy bounty hunter. The economics of  the mercenary demand that an outfit has the ability to capture targets. Enter Venko Fett, Bounty Hunter.

Venko's past is even more mysterious than Worldburner. Some have speculated that because Venko and Worldburner have never shown their faces, they are in fact the same person or the same two people who interchange equipment to cause confusion. Only those closest to Venko know his true identity.


Venko Fett typically carries a bolt pistol, a needle gun, knock out grenades, and stasis grenades. He standard equipment load out includes a refractor field, flak armor, jump pack, respirator, communicator, infra-vision visor, bio-scanner, and energy scanner. Venko Fett has never been observed possessing any psychic ability.

Venko Fett takes cover behind a Rhino


Where he came from, no one knows. Those who have tolerated his presence for long enough to find out have said that he claims to have grown up on an imperial hive planet. The Despoiler represents the worst aspects of hive culture. He is brutish, violent, foul-mouthed, fatalistic, and has no compunctions about killing or stealing. Although his character is despicable, his violent nature and survivalist mindset have obvious applications in the mercenary business.

The Despoiler fills the role of a demolition man, he is armed with a meltagun, rad and virus grenades. He is normally equipped with flak armor, a refractor field, and a communicator. Despite his despicable nature, The Despoiler can be an indispensable asset in sticky situations and comes in handy when conducting business with underworld elements.

Worlburner and his company are notorious across the sector

Next time... more denizens of the Corregidan sector and crew members from Serpico's ship. 



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